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Arabi Vertaalbureau has been involved in professional translations and interpreter services in many language combinations since 1980.

We provide discrete, high-quality (sworn) translations. The majority of our sworn translations concern legal documents, such as purchasing contracts, marriage and divorce papers, birth certificates, college and university diplomas, registry extracts, passports, driving licences, etc. But we also specialise in translating medical reports and doctors’ reports.

Our clients can also rely on our discretion and professionalisme in personal interpreter services, liaison interpreting and communication advice. We have assisted clients from all Arab countries, also from France, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and many more.

Translation and interpreting services are always carried out by our own team of native speakers, professional interpreters and qualified translators who have been certified by the district courts and are registered in the register of all the interpreters and translators in Holland (Rbtv).